I have an idea

So I feel that in the interest of full-disclosure I should tell anyone who's reading that the people I talk about don't know I have a blog. In fact, the only people who know/should read are the people who randomly Google a phrase I've used.

So. Big party last night. Not big as in Lots of People, but big as in Important Things Transpired. Lars's (Lars'? I never know which is right) cousin is in town visiting for a week before they go to the Caymans and she's full of interesting tidbits. Needless to say I'm still letting it percolate but once I know where her tidbits will lead I will definitely clue you in. This blog is my sounding board.

Had to sneak in last night because we missed curfew. Luckily, every now and again Bec, Madi, and I get together and bake something for the Concierge staff. This effectively keeps them mum whenever we sheepishly wave as we stumble to the elevators at the butt-crack of dawn.

Yoga this morning. I roped Bec into joining me. Madi couldn't be swayed. She had coffee and a twenty minute shower. We told my mom she had a cough-medicine hangover. It was half true.

Then we all went down to the courtyard outside of the opera house and skated for a while. There was a marathon down Ross and all of the security guards were on that side of the building so we actually got to trick off the railings for once. We had our cameras and I think there are some bitchin shots. In the interest of not outing my friends, I'm not going to post them here. But today I was the Female Tony Hawk. Bec was Mike McGill and Madi was old school - we might start calling her Dog. (Dogtown. Google is your friend.)

Mac was not at the small party last night. But she was sitting on a bench in the shade outside our building reading today. She looked up (Madi says wistfully) as we walked back and forth with our boards. Whatever.

We're going to the keys for the weekend. My mom's family likes to gather on the beach and burn things on national holidays. I'll take gratuitous notes. Happy Long Weekend!

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