Woot! No More Finals!

Totally excited. Had my last final 8 hours ago (poli-sci, if you care) and I ACED it. Of course. Then we found out that the philosophy final had been canceled because the entire class could fail the final and still pass. Also we think that Mr. P just wanted to leave today. Our class was the only final tomorrow.

So back over to Victory Park for a last-minute party at Lars's place. Oh, and I would fill you in on the past few days, but like I said before. I had finals and parents with expectations. There was a lot of studying, a lot of coffee, some chocolate-covered espresso beans for breakfast, and some finals taking. All to come home and start over. That ends now. Actually, it ended at lunch.

Bec just walked in. She doesn't know I've become a blogger. Out.

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