I Have a Plan so Cunning You Could Pin a Tail on it and Call it a Weasle.

Two words: Secret. Society. Like Skull and Bones but significantly less creepy. And more fun. There's isn't one at our school that I know of and we'll be juniors in the fall so there's two years for us to set it up. We'll spend the summer and the first semester laying the ground work and the second semester recruiting fresh blood and then next year we'll solidify our "presence." Apparently the key is to make it known that you exist but to have 99% of the information a total secret and to neither confirm nor deny that you are aware of its existence or that you may or may not be a member.

Like Fight Club. With less blood. First we need a name....

Ok, see this is why I've made up fake names for everyone involved in my life. And I'm trying not to be too specific because when more hi-jinks ensue I want to be able to talk about them freely and protect the innocent. Or not-so-innocent as they case may be.

Had rehab this morning. Who knew learning to walk was such a chore? But apparently I'm doing well and I should be out of here soon. One can only hope.

Back to secret society...name, and a mission statement. And connections. They've all got connections.

I love starting at the ground level and building something awesome. And this awesome will lead to world domination. Word.

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