So there's progress. Page One of the Debaucherous Escapades. I think that might be what it's called. I left the actual title page blank. Someone with better handwriting gets to take a crack at that.

We're also deep into our next little prank. No guns involved. I don't want to give it away because it's going to be greatness, but let me say that I planned it and Bec and Madi...wait Hazmat and Crayon (notice how that's in pencil?)...are actually executing it. Mostly because they've got skills I don't have.

We decided that our Society Names are being passed down to people who can fill the shoes of the positions we're in. So I need to find a little Pam to fill Lala's shoes. And Madi will find a Hazmat...

What that leaves us with is this:

Lala: leader (clearly), able to create things out of thin air. Read: able bullshitter. So far, that's what I've got.
Hazmat: Computer skills. We're talking coderxcore. Nothing short of genius. Also nice, but not required - complete and total badass.
Crayon: designer, architect, carpenter. She'll build it like you drew it...only better.

I have no idea what Smack is bringing to the table.

Wednesday. Action Item #1 goes into effect. Woot!

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