Week Ending

Elevator greetings still going strong. So far only a few grumblings but mostly people seem to not notice anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about that. People tend to have short attention spans. I'm also completely dry on what our next Action Item should be. It'll come to me.

I spent Friday - because I know you're dying to know - in therapy...learning how to walk with a cane! It was their ugly Hospital-Issue and I *Really* didn't want to be lugging it around with me, but it's worlds better than crutches. Especially in the bathroom. You have no idea. Or maybe you do. If you do, you have my sympathy. Or is it empathy? I get them confused.

On Saturday my mom got home from her morning classes (her yoga studio is on the 3rd floor of our building) brandishing a Cane that would make even the Dapperest Dandy swoon. I quickly replaced the Hospital Issue with a sturdy but attractive bamboo cane made by one of her most loyal students.

She promptly took advantage of my moment of weakness to declare Family Weekend. Loosely translated: Only Bec Can Come Over. No Boarding. No Running Around Town Taking Pictures of Your Friends. No Phone Calls Longer Than 5 Minutes. Sudden, and Absolute Boredom Must Prevail.

So then she announces that Bec's mom is gone for the weekend and Bec is staying with us. Aha. It all makes sense now.

It was a good weekend - we screened the Caper Film. We discussed the Secret Society...mom is what we've decided to call a "Cohort." But I feel like I haven't told you about that, for which I apologize.

A Society Tuesday Cohort is a Woman who has graduated high school - henceforth to be alumni of Society Tuesday - who has pull in some way. My mom has pull with her clients (some of whom are very high powered) and my father (I could tell you what he does but I'd have to kill you...kidding. Mostly.) She's also got a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the law and will serve as a sounding board to make sure we don't break it too badly. Cecily is also a cohort because she's about to be back from Orientation and has decided that documenting our summer is the best idea she's ever had. She's also amenable to not telling Lars and keeping most of our secrets. Because what good is it having a secret society if no one knows you exist? They need to know a LITTLE bit, right? Look at the Masons. Or the Skull and Bones.

When Bec went home after lunch mom cornered me.

"Something is wrong with her." I knew better than to argue with this. Madi and I had noticed, as well.

"She did get shot in the stomach. She's allowed to be cranky and off." Madi and I had also decided to give her some leeway, due to aformentioned bullet to the abdomen.

"It's not just that, but it started there. We need to keep an eye on her. She might be out of her depth."

And that was all she said. So I've been sitting here, playing with the photos I took last week, mulling over Bec and her possible need for supervision and intervention.

She is the closest thing I have to a sister. I hope her world is alright...outside of healing stomach wound, that is.

And now that I'm in a funk, I think nothing short of Ice Cream and Guitar Hero will get me out of it.

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