Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

Finally. Sleep. Minimal disturbances + pain killers = sleep. And lots of it. I think I passed out around 7 Friday (after my early-bird dinner) and didn't wake up for longer than a few minutes until about ten this morning. It was blissful.

Madi brought lunch to me today, which was sweet. Also a couple of movies that we've seen a hundred times but still keep watching. Chief among them: Fight Club. She brought Mackenzie, too. Normally I would have not acknowledge the interloper at all, but she'd never seen Fight Club, which is a grave transgression in my book. So I let her stay and we indoctrinated her. She doesn't suck as badly as I thought she did. Notice that I haven't called her Hawaiian Barbie, yet?

Luckily, she had to leave fairly soon after the movie finished. It's Father's day and she has obligations. Madi, whose father is mostly absentee, got to hang around. She's helping my mom do something heavenly with blueberries and puff pastry right now. We chatted for a bit about the Secret Society and decided the following:

1) It will not be a "secret" that we have so much as a mission: To Rid the World of Boredom and Suckiness. Obviously this mission statement needs to be prettied up. But maybe not, it's got a ring to it.

2) Our "secret names" will be some variation of our given names. Example: she let it slip that Mackenzie's last name is Sapphire. I'm not kidding. Mackenzie Sapphire?!?!?!?! It sounds like a freaking stripper name. Your middle name and the name of your first pet. So, on the roster in the book she'd be listed as "Inaugural member #1: S., Mack. Smack." We shall call her Smack. It giggles me. So then I'm listed as "Founding President, Creator: R., Pam." Rpam isn't a word. Nor is it funny, but LaLa seems to fit with the theme we started. Have to brainstorm for the rest.

That was as far as we got. But I think she's crashing here tonight, so between the Vicodin and the sugar I'm sure we'll come up with the gems.


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