Shoot Me Now

My mom went to the Cure concert last night. I was supposed to go, but since I'm laid up in the hospital still (yay, infection in my incision) all I got was a t-shirt. She took Madi and Hawaiian Barbie instead. Faaaaaahhhhbbuuuuulllllooooouuuuuuussssssssssss. They had killer seats (platinum box, center stage) and she greased some palms for a very professional looking camera to get past security and so I've been watching decent footage all day. Still. Made me a little sad.

Didn't help that Madi brought Miss Hair and Butt when she brought the dvd. She said it's the raw one and they're going to use some new program and splice it all together so it's virtually seamless and then she's going to give it to some guy they met to give to Robert Smith "himself" and see if she can get a gig traveling with them and filming their summer shows. I didn't want to be a total buzz kill, but I can't help thinking it's Too Late. In the season. In the tour. Maybe she can do a documentary, but isn't that Cecily's thing?

These drugs are making me cranky. My incision itches. I'm sick sick sick of this hotel room. I have a stupid bullet wound. Shouldn't I be home by now? It's been forever. OK, so on Monday I get moved to rehab, which is a step and a half away from home. Bonus. And Bec is still laid up...

Oh! I got the privilege of being wheeled into her room today. Before Madi brought the dvd so I couldn't tell her all about that stellar plan. We just chatted a little bit. I did tell her about Cecily's dvd plan and she's all about seeing that. She wants top billing. I told her I had no problems and it would probably read something like "Rebecca X starring in a film by Cecily Z...also featuring the rest of us poor slobs!" And with a disclaimer that any and all violence actually occurred. Word.

I'm coming to terms with my wound. I'm tempted to tell people it was a drive-by, because it doesn't feel like that far of a stretch. Except that it got a write up in the paper and everyone knows that it was downtown and not Pleasant Grove so they'd never believe drive-by. I'll just have to watch the dvd so I can add appropriate embellishments. Also it might jog my memory so that I remember something other than the MythBusters marathon I just numbed my brain with today. Tomorrow I think there's a Law&Order marathon. Stellar.

My mom just left and told me about how she and dad finally enacted their grand scheme to give our cats a little bit of the outdoors. She's a total hippie (if a descendant of Irish Royalty can be a hippie) and she has guilt that our cats are having their natural hunter instinct suppressed by the four walls, roof, floor-to-ceiling view of multiple birds, occasional fly, a plethora of cat toys and free food that she offers them. So she bought them harnesses - pink for Asha and black for Idget - and matching leashes and she and dad walked them down to the courtyard today. She gave me pictures. I think they'll be happy when I'm home because then there will be someone sane to blow bubbles at them and give them catnip.

Behold: Kitty Apocalypse:

Oh goodie. More nurses. Lates.

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