Movin' On Up

Or out, as the case may be. Apparently my sheer determination to not suck at physical therapy and probably some palm-greasing on the part of my mother has led to my early release. No driving, and I've got an oh-so-aging walker that I'm required to use when not just moving around the loft (it was that or wheelchair) and a cane for inside. I've also got a metal-detector alerting rod in my leg. Did I mention that the bullet shattered the bone? I bet my x-rays look like the terminator. Or a Cylon's.

The sad irony here, is that today is Bec's birthday. She turns 16 in a ward one-step down from an ICU. We had breakfast. She cried when I told her that I was leaving. I promised to come back and visit.

So I leave after lunch. I have days and days of at-home therapy, doses of vicodin, and summer movies on the couch.

I have researched the secret societies more. Wikipedia is my friend. I've found that for the most part they're collegiate and all-male. They also have names that bring to mind death, decaying, graces, pain, or some other slightly ominous occurrence that I haven't thought of. The majority have also been around for the better part of a century...or two or three in some cases. Starting one is outlined in many, many google hits. There is some recommended reading (The Prince, ironically on my summer reading list, and The Art Of War) someone suggested silly hats (I think this was inspired by Thomas Jefferson and his Flat Hat Society) and then there's a lot of speculation on the parts of everyone involved on these forums. Most people view them as glorified cliques, which is true, but not what I'm going for. I want social commentary and, ultimately, change. Not to mention the creation of crazy-helpful connections for when we embark into the real world. Or at least when we apply to college.

So - #1 - We're not collegiate, but we're college prep and we're in a fairly exclusive school. Our connections start there.

#2 - We're not going to be male. Clearly. We're going to be female. And I think 6 is a good number. Obviously myself, Bec, and Madi. Then each of us will find one more person to recruit and they'll be the non-officers. As creator, I get to be president. Bec and Madi will be VPs. And I think that when we pass the torch we'll just maintain that hierarchy. I should really make these first rules all official looking, but I want to wait until we can meet with Bec and the three of us flesh it out. It'll be tricky to get Madi away from Hawaiian Barbie for this. I have a feeling she'll be the person Madi wants to recruit. Which means I'll have to stop referring to her as Hawaiian Barbie.

#3 - We'll need a name and a "secret". It cracks me up that in every single hit my search provided me with some moron felt the need to state the obvious. "Question: How to Start A Secret Society? Answer: First you need a secret." It's so much more complex than that. A secret. Anyone can have a secret. A society needs a mission. So we need a name and a secret mission.

#4 - I actually think the first three cover it for now.

And here's lunch...followed by brief review of my Rules For Being Able To Go Home.....finally.

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