A Little To Report

I feel like I can’t form complete sentences. Lots of totally effective drugs. Luckily I’ve been reading brainless drivel and watching brainless drivel. Yay for tv.

Not resting. No rest for the injured. I get vitals checked every couple of hours, which requires waking up. Have I sung the praises of many many channels? Hospitals suck.


Lars. Good. Released. He’s recovering the rest of the way at home. No impact sports for him anytime soon. And no skating. I would say that sucks for him, because I know it does...but who knows when I’ll be back on my board again. At least I can take photos. I’ve hinted at gear I’d like to see in my camera bag so maybe I’ll have a nice welcome home gift when I get released. Fish-eye lens, anyone?

Bec had loads of surgeries on her agenda. She’s going to have a gnarly scar when it’s all over with. At least we’ll have good stories. “Remember that time we were gangsters? And real gangsters, not that “Wish I was a Thug” shit. We were Gangsters With Tommy Guns and Pearls.” You’re tough if you’ve got a possie and a gun and you inspire people to action. You’re a total badass if you do it in pearls and heels. Like Donna Reed....armed.

We just won’t mention that the guns were rubber. Because that takes away from the coolness. And apparently they look real on film.

Ok - tip. If you ever have a coke float (or a root beer float) you should drink it quickly. Because if you let it sit then the soda turns white and it’s just not appealing. Also you get more ice cream than soda because the soda bubbles up into the ice cream and gets lost. It’s sad. Sad soda...

Madi came by with Hawaiian Barbie earlier. Apparently they’re hanging out. I would feel jealous but I think the morphine affects that, too. Also Madi spends a lot of time either on the phone with me, sitting with me or with Rebecca, or preparing for sitting. I’ve never gotten so many baked goods. Hawaiian Barbie helps her with that, so they’re spending time together bonding and shit...but the whole time it’s like I’m there anyway. And they told me funny stories today. And brought me books. She’s not so bad once you get past the Surf Goddess look and the general threat to our balance that she poses. I should probably start calling her Mackenzie. I will never call her Mac. I try to stay away from nicknames that remind me of food. Mostly because it makes me hungry.

Oh. I’ve decided that I’m going to become a criminal mastermind a la Artemis Fowl. Except less evil and fairies.

And the people with needles have just walked into my room again.

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