I'm so clever. And funny.

Here's what happened:

Monday, I get great idea all planned out in my head and hash it out with Hazmat and Crayon (we have *GOT* to find her a new name) who receive the following jobs:

Crayon - troll the web and find perky sound bites.
Hazmat - hack into the computer system and insert said sound bites.

Soundbites compiled and last night at some point after my Vicodin had kicked in and I was asleep, Hazmat completed the hacking.

This morning, the three of us and Mackenzie (to be sworn in eventually and then henceforth known as Smack) were riding down the elevator on our way out to do some boarding. Bec and I have our cameras and our walking implements (she's got an actual old-lady type walker) and Madi and Mackenzie have their boards.

Ground floor lights up, doors slide open and then a very chipper voice says "Thank you for choosing this door. Have a nice day!" We can't help it. We crack up. In the lobby. In front of a ton of people on their way to start their days.

We're laughing so hard that we just hobble over to the benches against the windows and sit. One of the security guards - Al - comes over and tells us that sometime around 5 this morning the doors stopped announcing the floor number and started complimenting shoes, wishing travelers to have a nice day, and a few others he hasn't quite understood.

"Do people like it or are they annoyed?" I had to ask.

"Oh, they seem to like it. They chuckle. One lady looked like the cat that caught the bird after her elevator told her she was having a particularly good hair day." Then one of his phones rang and he left us to observe.

And observe we did. We completely forgot about the skateboards and Bec and I started shooting people's reactions as they left their elevators. Mostly amused, a few confused, and one guy passed us muttering something about his hair looking exactly the same as it had every other day.

By lunchtime we were starving so we got back in the lifts and rode up to my apartment. Once we were sure mom wasn't home, we filled Mackenzie in on what we'd done.

"That's hilarious. Brilliant. You've spiced up the morning a little and no one got shot." Pointed look at me for that one. As though it were my fault what happened before. I leveled a glare at her and she backed off. Even Madi felt the tension in that one. "The only drawback I can see is the irritation for the people who have to listen all day. It'll get repetitive, won't it?"

"I found over 5,000 applicable sound bites in the public domain. They're all in there. And Madi's randomizer will actually earmark each one and not repeat the same bite until every bite has been used. There are some similar ones - the hair compliment, for example, but they have different wording and voices."

"And if they decide they don't like it?" Mackenzie asks the questions we asked when we laid out the plan, so we were at the ready with the answers.

"A simple system reset - the same one they do after a power outtage, and the program is erased completely. No traces. I even masked my IP and then bounced it all over so if they want to track me down it'll take a while."

"Given the nature of the prank, it's doubtful they'll even care. No one is complaining, so chances are it'll be left for a while and then erased." I was going for a completely innocuous yet amusing for everyone prank. I think I succeeded for our first time out. Well, second, technically. But first officially.

So we had lunch and filled Mackenzie in on the Society Tuesday. She's officially a "tap" (stole that term from Yale) and will remain a tap until we come up with two more taps and an initiation ceremony. And now we're having a Wii tournament. And It's my turn to box Mackenzie. Oh yeah. This'll be fun. Chick is going down.

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